Verdin Property use only the best photographers, videographers and marketing tools to ensure the highest quality content is produced for each home.


Discover the range of quality, professional marketing tools we have at our disposal.




Our photographer will produce high resolution photos of your property including drone shots for an additional perspective to buyers.


A quality video of a property is essential. Many buyers in recent times have not considered certain properties before seeing a video.


A virtual tour is an excellent way of qualifying clients before a physical viewing. It adds an extra dimension to the marketing process.


Similar in importance to a virtual tour, floor plans are an excellent way of ensuring potential buyers visit your property with as much info as possible.


One of the optional extras we offer is a property micro-site which can be sent to potential clients to attract interest. All sites are SEO optimized.


Plastering a property everywhere makes you look desperate to sell, which results in a lack of interest. We pick only the best sites to promote our properties.

Verdin Property Marketing

When it comes to listing properties for sale, the first thing to note is the vast number of agents that are out there, of which Verdin Property is one of the best known in Marbella.

We have adapted, improved and also completely re-invented our marketing strategies over the years and whilst we strive to keep breaking new ground in our efforts, our strategies are consistently appealing to vendors.

One of the main advantages of our marketing is that a property can be ready and listed online within a week, so there is minimal delay in getting visibility to your property.

The Verdin Property team have several highly skilled photographers that we use for our properties, each with their own skill sets and styles.

So whether you are looking for a crisp, Scandinavian style look or clean lines throughout, we have the very best professionals ready to capture the very essence of your home in print quality high definition. Additionally, drone shots, golden hour, blue hour and night-time photography can also be produced.

Architecturally focused and area focused photographs are also produced to showcase features of a particular property or area.

Casa Morisca, Marbella Club Golf Resort

We also have a licensed drone pilot available to capture your property both inside and out as well as the surrounding area. Property listings that feature videos receive 60% more views online and often are able to sell quicker as an increasing number of property buyers, particularly among the younger age range are more used to watching a video than scrolling through photos. For this reason we always recommend when inspecting a new listing that the property be made ready for video.

We also produce social media ready video footage, such as Instagram reels which reach a wide audience across our various platforms. Here is one of the videos that was created by our videographer, who is also a licensed filmmaker.

Our clients also receive custom property naming and branding. This allows a buyer to easily remember a property, not just recall that it appeared as ‘luxury villa in Marbella’.

Additionally, we as the listing agent are easily able to distinguish one property from another. We also use property branding to create custom websites for our clients that wish to utilize this service.

Custom property websites are offered to our clients as a special extra. This option has proved to be extremely popular, especially where the owners want to reach a larger audience. Here is an example of a website created by our Marketing Director Tyler Verdin for a villa in Rio Real, branded as Villa Flora.

Villa Flora website
Floor Plan Casa Morisca First Floor

Floor Plans are becoming increasingly popular among buyers as they allow them to visualize a property and its dimensions before or after visiting.

Buyers can also see furniture positions which means they can work out whether a property has the space for their belongings and also how it can be re-configured to an exact style.

We have noticed that floor plans are especially popular for smaller properties such as apartments and also for renovation projects. When it comes to larger villas we find that although buyers like to see floor plans, they are less important if the property is not a project.

Read on to see how we also utilize virtual tours to go alongside floor plans.

With the advancements in digital technology and virtual realities such as the Metaverse, it is hardly surprising that real estate is following in the same footsteps. This applies as much to buyers as agents simply producing more digital content. Especially following the Covid-19 pandemic we saw a surge in potential buyers asking for virtual viewings because they were unable to travel. For this reason we decided to produce virtual tours alongside videos, allowing our clients to preview properties as if they were there in person.

Some of our clients were even happy to purchase simply based off the tour, especially when combined with a video and also floor plans. Click the image to look at the virtual tour created for Casa Tausa, a front-line golf villa with sea views in Rio Real.

Open House

One of the best ways to get instant visibility of your property is via an Open House. These events are organized and coordinated by our Marketing Director with attendance strictly by prior RSVP so we can track exactly who is visiting.

Refreshments are provided during the event, which typically last for 3 hours. Depending on your property, its location and views, our open houses can be arranged for the morning, lunch-time or evening.

Both potential buyers and collaborating agencies attend our events. Security, shoe coverings and off-limits areas can also be established, depending on the property and its contents, we appreciate many owners have art collections, also watches and other fashion items or carpets they do not want to get dirty.

We have dedicated databases of both clients and real estate collaborators.

These enable us to promote properties to a wide audience alongside our internet marketing. In order to reach the most viable audience possible, Verdin Property are elite members of James Edition and Abode2 (the leading property magazine in the world on Google) as well as being the owners of Oshun Blu, a trendy magazine available in digital and print formats.

Of course, properties receive wide exposure via our own award winning website which, since it’s complete and extensive re-development and launch in January 2023 by our Marketing Director, has seen massive increases in visitor numbers and from a diverse range of countries.

The Verdin Property website also won in two categories at the International Property Awards 2023-24, in the categories of Best Real Estate Agency Website and Real Estate Consultancy Website for Spain.

For more details on our awards, presented to us at the gala event in London on June 27th 2023, please check out our Award Winners Blog.



Unfortunately there is really no way of knowing. Sometimes it takes 1 day, sometimes 1 year. It all comes down to that USP (unique selling point). How is your property different to all those around you? Do you have features other people don’t? Of course, the big question is always, are you priced correctly?

Many vendors do not want to give exclusivity to an agent as they feel they will be missing out on potential buyers through other companies. Often this is not true as agents on the Costa Del Sol use a sharing MLS system, so we all know what properties other agents have and can share the commissions. Exclusivity works well if you trust the agent and they have a good record on the coast.

We do not charge our vendors.

We produce the highest quality tailor made content possible in order to receive the best results for our clients and this service is not something you will get from 99% of the other agents but we are happy to bear the cost of marketing your property if we accept the listing because we only accept property listings that are realistically priced and have a good chance of selling through our company.

A custom property website can be created at a cost of 350€. The websites showcase all marketing materials created.

We will cover custom website costs if we have an exclusive sales mandate, valid for a minimum of 6 months.

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