Verdin Property are proud to represent this exclusive development opportunity in the Exumas, Bahamas!

The Bahamian Government can no longer sell islands in the Bahamas. The only way to purchase an island anywhere in the Bahamas is to purchase one from a private seller.

The demand for private islands within the Exumas chain has continued to grow, while the supply is now almost completely gone.

The Exumas chain of islands is by far the most beautiful area within all of the Bahamas Archipelago.

Leaf Cay is an extremely unique island for several reasons:

1.The island is a Freehold – Title Property. This means you actually own the island. The majority of islands in the Bahamas are long term leaseholds from the government.

2. Shore Power: Leaf Cay is the ONLY private island in the Exumas that has an underwater power line to the mainland of Staniel Cay. All other islands have to operate generators for the production of electricity. This line was put in approximately 12 years ago by the previous owner and the Bahamian government. The island does have 6 other generators to provide back up power should power ever fail from the mainland.

3. Cisterns: The island has approximately 165,000 gallons of water storage in various cisterns. In addition, it has 2 reverse Osmosis water makers producing in excess of 5,000 gallon of fresh water per day. It also has a fresh water spring.

4. Infrastructure: The island has substantial infrastructure already in place, including 19 buildings, homes, storage areas, roads, underground utilites, solar electric, heavy machinery, workshops, boats, tools, etc..

5. Fuel Farms: There are currently Fuel Reservoir tanks for Diesel, Gas and Jet A fuels.

6. Runway: It currently has its own 1500’ runway. Although, this area would be used for development.

7. Location: It is centrally located in the Hub of activity of all the Exumas. It is only 2 miles west of the island of Staniel Cay, a short 5 minute boat ride to Leaf Cay. Staniel Cay currently has a 3000’ Runway with direct flights from Ft. Lauderdale, and Nassau. The government has plans for expansion of the runway to 5000’ along with opening a full time Customs / Immigration office on the island of Staniel Cay. This customs building has already been
built, and is getting ready to be opened for operation.

Along with all this, your neighbors are none other than billionaires, film producers and actors, so you’re in privileged company!

Full development details, financial projections and plans available upon request.



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